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Birthparent's Stories

 Choosing Adoption

Every adoption is unique. You do have choices.

The Sacramento Adoption Center specializes in independent adoption, giving birth parents and adopting parents the chance to meet one another and be actively involved in all phases of the adoption process. We offer comprehensive services at every step:

  • To birth parents who may have legal questions or need help with pre-natal care, counseling or living expenses
  • To adopting parents looking for an affordable, comfortable adoption experience

The Sacramento Adoption Center is a private adoption organization. We work exclusively with birth parents who are choosing adoption as their parenting plan and with adopting parents who are turning to adoption to expand their families.

At the Center, adoption planning grows out of a birth mom’s love for her child.

Here, adoptions are satisfying and uncomplicated journeys into parenting - fully informed from start to finish.

Birth moms choosing adoption


Odette and Zeke. Odette and Zeke are Caucasian. Each is 20 years old. No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

O is 5’5”, 140 lbs, br hair, hazel eyes. Z is 6’5”, 185 lbs, bld hair, green/blue eyes.

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Recently Matched Birth Moms

Brenda is 25 yrs old; African American and Caucasian; 5'5"; brown hair; hazel eyes. She has Native American ancestry - Kickapoo.

Carla and her baby’s birth father Arthur are 19 years old.  Carla and Arthur attend junior college and both participate in track and field.

Sheila, 28 yrs old; is a nursing student at Sac City College; and is a single parent with three children – 12, 7 & 4 years old.

Cheryl, 18 years old; 5'1," 165 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. C describes herself as "Asian-Korean and German/Irish/Italian." No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Amie, 16 years old, a high school honors student (10th grade, this fall);  baby's gender currently unknown.

Felicia, 30 years old, recently arrived in U.S. from China with 6-mo-old son, Victor; plans to remain in U.S. and continue education; is married to and residing with Victor’s birth father, Kevin, who also immigrated to U.S. from China.

Elle is 28 yrs old; Caucasian; 5'5"; 125 lbs; brown hair; hazel eyes; no Native American ancestry; has a university degree; post-university employment discontinued due to grant de-funding; no alcohol, and no drugs during pregnancy; yes cigarettes (2 per day); interests include surfing/swimming.

Bryanna is 24 yrs old; African-American and Caucasian; 5’5”; brown hair; hazel eyes. She believed she has Native American ancestry – Kickapoo. Bryanna is Medi-Cal eligible; (gender currently unknown); no cigarettes, drugs or alcohol.

Rhonda is Hispanic; 34 yrs old; has two children – 15 years old and 4 years old – but currently is parenting neither. She is 5’4”; brown hair; brown eyes; does not have Native American ancestry.

Ann - (39) and Jack (48) are unmarried but have been living together (and together parenting Ann’s children) for the past 12 years. Baby’s gender unknown.

Lacie is a high school graduate; is attending Sac City for accounting and is involved in student government; unmarried; is 19 yrs old, African-American, 5'9," 270 lbs; has brown eyes, dark brown hair; no alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Lacie is choosing adoption because she is 19 years old and wants to give this child a life with more opportunities.

Alicia is 35 years old; Caucasian; lives in the Greater Sacramento area; has pre-natal care and is Medi-Cal qualified; 5’3”, 135 lbs, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Alicia is unmarried; has a three- year-old son, Daniel. Alicia is a single parent, is unemployed and is currently homeless. Daniel is staying with grandparents until Alicia’s living circumstances stabilize.

Danessa is 20 yrs old; African-American; brown eyes, brown hair, 5'2", 119 lbs; is parenting 1.5-yr-old son Jeremy. Danessa has Kaiser medical insurance (through her father’s work) and Medi-Cal coverage. (She will obtain pre-natal care through Kaiser Point West in the Arden Area and deliver in South Sacramento.) No drugs or alcohol.

Jolene is 32 years old; blonde hair; green eyes; 5’7,” 145 lbs, high school graduate; Caucasian; is parenting 2-yr-old daughter and 1-yr-old son; expecting baby boy; Medi-Cal qualified; is receiving pre-natal care; smokes cigarettes but is quitting.

Joanne is Caucasian; 24 years old; unmarried; high school graduate; 5'5"; 133 lbs; brown hair and blue/green eyes; no drugs or alcohol; smokes cigarettes (but wants to quit).  Medi-Cal approved; has pre-natal care; baby boy.  Joanne has two daughters -- Natalie and Samantha. 

Raquel – is 30 yrs old, 5’5”, Caucasian, blonde hair, blue eyes; (gender unknown); has Medi-Cal coverage and pre-natal care; unmarried; has two daughters (6 years old and 10 months old); no Native American ancestry; high school graduate, AmeriCorps volunteer and some college; no smoking, alcohol or drugs.

Kathleen – is 33 years old, 5’5,” blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian. Gender unknown. She is Medi-Cal qualified and receiving pre-natal care; has 3 children; is choosing adoption for this child for reasons related to dysfunctional relationship with child’s birth father.

Sarah is 21 years old, 5’8,” 175 lbs, high school graduate; African-American; single mom, unmarried, parenting 2-yr-old daughter; no Native American ancestry; baby boy; Medi-Cal qualified; is receiving pre-natal care; no drugs or alcohol; 4 or 5 cigarettes/day during 1st trimester, but stopped when she learned about pregnancy. Sarah is choosing adoption because she lacks the resources needed to parent two children; has family support.

Lacy is 19 yrs old; is Caucasian; 5'7"; 143 lbs; brown hair and green eyes; is high school grad; has pre-natal care and medical insurance; no cigarettes, drugs or alcohol; no Native American ancestry.

Mollie is 20 years old; 5’4”; black hair; brown eyes; 220 lbs; has 2 children (daughter, 4 years old and son, 2 years old); gender unknown; has pre-natal care and is Medi-Cal approved; Hispanic/Native American ancestry (not federally recognized tribe); smokes cigarettes; no drugs or alcohol; is working on GED.

Candace is 35 yrs old; 115 lbs; 5'1"; brown hair, brown eyes; European/Asian; 2 yrs college; no smoking/alcohol/drugs; has pre-natal care and is Medi-Cal eligible.

Janelle is Caucasian, 23 yrs old,  5'7", brown hair, hazel eyes, "200(ish)" lbs, high school grad, Christian, no Native American ancestry.  EDC by ultrasound; gender unknown.  Janelle is Medi-Cal eligible but no pre-natal care to date; no alcohol or drugs. Janelle quit smoking as soon as she learned she was pregnant.   

Michelle is Hispanic; 20 years old; 5'3"; 170 lbs; brown hair and brown eyes.  Michelle is a well educated, clear thinking and an articulate young woman. Confidential adoption requested; has medi-cal; has pre-natal care. Birth father, Caucasian, supports adoption plan.

Tina is Caucasian; 22 years old; 5'3"; 119 lbs; auburn hair and hazel eyes.  She is receiving pre-natal care and is medi-cal eligible. Birth father, 22 years old, also is Caucasian; agrees with adoption plan.

Brandi is 23; 5’5”; 143 lbs; brown hair; hazel eyes; African American/Caucasian; no cigarettes or alcohol or drugs; Medi-Cal eligible; no prenatal care to date.

Deborah is 43 years old; healthy baby girl (by level 2 ultrasound and amniocentesis);  5’5”; 140 lbs; brown hair; hazel eyes; no drugs or alcohol; 5 cigarettes a day; has Medi-Cal coverage and prenatal care.

Jodie is Caucasian; 24 years old; 5'9" tall; 225 lbs; brown hair and brown eyes.  Medi-Cal eligible.  Jodie’s pregnancy is the result of a rape.  Jodie wasn't able to see who attacked her but states the birth father is Caucasian. Jodie is currently parenting a 2-year-old son. She has decided to do an adoption for two reasons: (1) the "circumstances of conception" may make it difficult for her to parent this child; and (2) if she keeps this baby, it will put a strain on her ability to take care of her son.

Linda is Caucasian, 36 years old, 5'8", 165 lbs, auburn hair, brown eyes, no drugs, 5 or 6 cigarettes/day; has consumed alcohol; baby boy.  Linda is Medi-Cal eligible. 

Alice - is Caucasian, a 19-year-old Sacramento birth mom who wants a local adopting family to adopt her baby.

Tori - is 26 years old; Caucasian; attractive; articulate; 5'7"; Medi-Cal eligible; baby's gender unknown; pre-natal vitamins but no pre-natal care, to date; no drugs -- self-reported; is prepared to place with traditional or non-traditional adopting family.

Renee - is 18 years old; Caucasian; college student; has family support for adoption plan. Birth father, 19 years old, also is Caucasian; agrees with adoption plan.

Angie - Angie is 20 years old; Caucasian; is attractive; has brown hair and blue eyes; 5’3” tall and 130 lbs; may have Blackfoot and/or Cherokee ancestry; no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes; is Medi-Cal eligible; baby’s gender unknown.

Mollie - Mollie is 19 years old; Caucasian; has red hair and green eyes; 5’1” tall and 134 lbs; no alcohol or drugs; smoked cigarettes before she knew she was pregnant; is receiving prenatal care; Blue Shield insurance coverage; baby’s gender unknown.

Brenda - is 8 months pregnant, 20 years old, 5’6”, 220 lbs, Caucasian, Medi-Cal qualified. Birth father is 26 years old, Caucasian, 6’5”, 185 lbs, athletic; agrees 100% with adoption planning. Birth parents are choosing adoption because they currently are homeless, not financially stable and lack family support.

Sophie -is Caucasian; 29 years old; 5’6” tall; 180 lbs; has brown hair and hazel eyes; baby’s gender currently unknown; Medi-Cal qualified. Husband fully supports adoption planning.

Nicole -delivered twins (brothers). Twins are healthy. Nicole and babies’ birth father, James, are Caucasian; 30 years old; community college students. They are choosing adoption because they lack the resources needed to successfully parent the twins.

Julie -is Caucasian; 19 years old; is decidedly anti-abortion; child’s gender currently unknown; attractive; no alcohol or cigarettes; has used marijuana during pregnancy -- twice per month; has 10 siblings; older brother and sister know about pregnancy and support adoption; Medi-Cal qualified; is receiving prenatal care.

Mackenzie -is 20 years old; African-American; single mom parenting one year old daughter; has prenatal care and Kaiser medical insurance; is a student at a local community college; no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

Andrea - is 18; due in four months; attends college -- art major; intends to place with gay adopting parents; requests contact post-birth (pictures/letters every six months and opportunity to visit adopting family once each year). Birth father supports adoption plan.

Faith - is Caucasian; blue eyes; 5'8"; 135 pounds; early 30’s; is expecting baby boy. She has on-going issues with addiction; is currently attending college on-line (art major); is receiving pre-natal care and is eligible for Medi-Cal.

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