You do have choices.

Every adoption is unique.

Looking to Adopt?

The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC helps adopting families implement adoption plans unique to them within budgets they establish at the outset.

Need Legal Help?

The adoption process triggers many sometimes complicated legal issues. Making sure at the outset that you’re prepared to successfully handle them all is key to a good outcome.

At the Center, adoption planning grows out of a birth mom’s love for her child.

The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC is a private adoption organization. We work exclusively with birth parents who are choosing adoption as their parenting plan and with adopting parents who are turning to adoption to expand their families.
Here, adoptions are satisfying and uncomplicated journeys into parenting – fully informed from start to finish.

The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC specializes in independent adoption, giving birth parents and adopting parents the chance to meet one another and be actively involved in all phases of the adoption process. We offer comprehensive services at every step:

  • To birth parents who may have legal questions or need help with pre-natal care, counseling or living expenses.
  • To adopting parents looking for an affordable, comfortable adoption experience.

Birth Moms Choosing Adoption


S is 21 years old; African American; in her 1st trimester. Birth father is also African American. S has a plan for prenatal care.


J is Caucasian with red hair and blue eyes; 36 years old; has 2 older children. J is currently residing in Sacramento County.


J is 27 years old; Asian; and already delivered her baby. Birth father is also Asian. J would like to place with an Asian-American family.


C is Hispanic; in her 2nd trimester; baby’s gender unknown. C has received prenatal healthcare; birth father is black.


Sarah’s Story

I was pregnant, frightened, completely confused and overwhelmed with guilt over my pregnancy. I had given a child up for adoption just a year earlier, and I was in no condition to have or parent another baby.

I remember feeling so guilty and stupid all at the same time. I kept thinking how could I let this happen again? How can I keep this baby after having just let go of his brother? I can not lie to you, it wasn’t easy and I didn’t choose adoption because I was lazy or because I just didn’t want to be a mom. I chose it because it was what was best for my child.




V is 31 years old; has Middle-Eastern heritage with hazel eyes…


J is 35 years old; Hispanic with brown eyes and dark brown hair;…


D is 28 years old; Caucasian with blue eyes and brown hair. D…