V is 5’1”, 165 pounds, red hair, green eyes; no cigarettes; no alcohol or drugs; no religion. This is her 3rd pregnancy and will be her 3rd delivery. She is not parenting her other kids.

Native American ancestry.  None.

Adoption counseling.  V has declined counseling services.

Post-adoption contact.  None.

Birth Father.  V met birth father haphazardly at a party in Oregon. She was drunk; says bf is mid-20’s, Caucasian, 170-180 pounds, green eyes; brown hair.

Adoption budget.  V would appreciate help with housing ($200/month), food ($300/month), transportation ($120/month) and phone service ($50.00/month) pro-rated on a monthly basis from date of match until 6-weeks or 2 months post-birth (depending on whether V delivers naturally or via c-section) – plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.