A is 32 years old; 7 months pregnant; gender of baby: boy.  A is Caucasian, 5’9″, 135 lbs (pre-pregnancy wt), blonde hair, blue eyes; is a hs grad; Christian religion.  No alcohol.  A smoked cigarettes [1/2 pack] and used meth daily during 1st month of pregnancy – but not since then.  A is choosing adoption for Mr. Baby because she lacks family support and is not otherwise positioned to provide for his best interests.

Birth father.  A is unmarried but has been in a relationship with baby’s alleged father for several years.  Baby’s father is aware of A’s pregnancy but has questioned his paternity.  

Native American ancestry.  A believes that she may have Cherokee heritage.

Prenatal care.  A has received pre-natal care consistently since learning of pregnancy; is Medi-Cal eligible.

Adoption counseling.  Lacking family support, A looks forward to conferring with an adoption counselor.  

Adoption budget.  A would appreciate help with food, incidental living expenses and phone service pro-rated on a monthly basis from date of match until 6 weeks or two months post-birth (depending on whether delivery is natural birth or via c-section) – plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.

Post-adoption contact.  A requests an exchange of pictures/letters and opportunity to meet with family and their child several times each year.

Adopting family.   A wants to match with a traditional [mom & dad] adopting family or with a single parent adopting mother having a lot of family support.