A is 23 years old; 20 weeks pregnant; Caucasian, 5’1”, 117 pounds, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes; is a high school graduate and close to graduating with an Associates Degree. A does not drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs. This is her first pregnancy.

Birth father. The alleged father of A’s baby is Caucasian; and also supports an adoption plan.

Native American ancestry. A was adopted and has been told that she may have Native American ancestry.

Prenatal care. A is eligible for Medi-Cal and has been receiving pre-natal care.

Adoption budget. A would appreciate help with food, housing, phone service and transportation all pro-rated on a monthly basis from date of match until 6 weeks or two months post-birth (depending on whether delivery is natural birth or via c-section) – plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.

Post-adoption contact. A is in the process of considering what kind of post-adoption contact she would be comfortable with after placement.