B is 28; African American/Caucasian; is currently homeless; baby’s gender unknown; baby’s birth father is Hispanic, probably.  B is familiar with the adoption process.  She successfully placed another baby for adoption several years ago.

Prenatal care.  B advised that she has not had prenatal care relative to her current pregnancy and that she smoked meth two or three times per week during the 1st 4 months of her pregnancy.  Depending on B’s circumstances, prenatal care records are expected to be available within 2 weeks.

Native American heritage.  Yes.  Will the tribe intervene?  Very unlikely.

Adoption budget.  B’s adoption-related birth parent expenses/budget is currently circumstantially unknown.   B may need immediate financial help (pro-rated on a monthly basis) with housing, food, cell phone service and transportation until 6 weeks post-delivery (or 2 months post-delivery — if via c-section); also, a one-time $500 payment for maternity clothes.

Post-adoption contact.  Likely, exchange of pictures/letters every 6 months with an opportunity to visit once each year.