M is 5’2”, 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. This is her 1st pregnancy; M is choosing adoption because she is not in the right time of her life to be a parent.

Birth Father.  M is unmarried. Alleged father is Hispanic.

Adoption counseling.  M may request adoption counseling.

Adoption budget.  M would appreciate help with food (TBD/month), housing ($300/month), transportation ($100/month) and cell phone service (TBD/month) pro-rated on a monthly basis from date of match until 6 weeks or two months post-birth (depending on whether delivery is natural or via c-section)– plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.

Post-adoption contact.  Exchange of letters and pictures and opportunity to visit annually.

Drug use.  M does not smoke or do drugs. Prior to finding out she was pregnant, she drank infrequently.

Adopting family.  M wants to match with adopting parents who are over the age of 30 and are loving and accepting of people for who they are.