Maggie is a California birth mom; 8 months pregnant; Caucasian; 18 yrs old; 5’2”; 148 lbs; green eyes; br hair; unmarried; a hs senior working on getting GED; gender of baby – likely female; has Medi-Cal coverage; no cigarettes or alcohol but vaped at beginning of pregnancy; is willing to be tested for drugs, narcotics, STDs and other tests which adopting family may request. 

M is choosing adoption b/c she is single, too young and not financially stable.   M prefers Caucasian, Christian traditional [mother/father] adopting parents who are active and travel and live in CA. Other kids in adopting family’s home ok. 

Native American heritage. None.

Birth father. Caucasian; identity unknown and unknowable.

Post-adoption contact. Open adoption – exchange of pictures/letters and opportunity to visit with child and adopting family over the years.

Adoption counseling.  Yes.

Criminal history.  None.

Birth parent living expenses.  None.