S is 28 years old; 16 weeks pregnant; Caucasian; 5’2”, 115 pounds, light brown hair and hazel eyes; is a high school graduate with some college education; and grew up Christian. S is a social drinker (not excessive), but not since she found out she is pregnant; does not smoke; does not use drugs.

Birth father. S is unmarried and is not in a relationship with baby’s alleged father. Baby’s father is not yet aware of S’ pregnancy, but she believes he will support her in her adoption plan because he is older with grown children and not interested in having more children.

Native American ancestry. Neither S nor alleged birth father have Native American heritage.

Prenatal care. S has received pre-natal care consistently since working with Sacramento Adoption Center.

Adoption counseling. S is interested in conferring with an adoption counselor post-birth and after placement.

Adoption budget. S would appreciate help with food, rent and phone service both pro-rated on a monthly basis from date of match until 6 weeks or two months post-birth (depending on whether delivery is natural birth or via c-section) – plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.

Post-adoption contact. S requests an exchange of pictures/letters and the opportunity to meet with family and their child several times each year in a quiet setting.

Adopting family. S wants to match with a family who has education beyond high school degrees. She wants to find a family who can provide stability with a focus on education for Baby.