Heather & Dave

H is 5’5”, 244 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. This is her 1st pregnancy.


Birth Father.  D and H are unmarried. D is 5’11”, 195 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. He is supportive of an adoption plan for H’s baby.   


Adoption counseling.  H and D may request adoption counseling.


Native American ancestry. D believes he has Native American heritage – Cherokee. He believes that none of his ancestors is registered.


Adoption budget. H would appreciate help with food ($500/month), housing (TBD/month), cell phone service (TBD), and transportation ($200/month) payable on a monthly basis post-match until 6 weeks or two months post-birth (depending on whether baby is delivered naturally or via c-section) – plus a one-time $500 gift for maternity clothes.


Post-adoption contact.  Exchange of letters and pictures and opportunity to visit 4 times a year.


A is 5’5”, 156 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. This is not her 1st pregnancy; A is choosing adoption because she is a single parent and she feels it’s important that Baby Girl has 2 parents.  


Birth Father.  A is unmarried. Birth father is serving time in jail and may not be released from custody for many years.  


Adoption counseling.  A may request adoption counseling.


Post-adoption contact.  Exchange of letters and pictures and opportunity to visit regularly.


Adopting Couple. A wishes to match with parents who have been married longer than 8 years, who are Christian and who will support regular post-adoption contact and an exchange of pictures and letters.


J is a college graduate with a Master’s degree in computer science. She works and lives in Northern CA.

Birth father lives and works out of state. DNA results confirm his paternity.

J says that her parents do not approve of her unplanned pregnancy and that birth father doesn’t want to have anything to do with baby either.

Baby is healthy baby.