Nicole -delivered twins (brothers). Twins are healthy. Nicole and babies’ birth father, James, are Caucasian; 30 years old; community college students. They are choosing adoption because they lack the resources needed to successfully parent the twins.


Sophie -is Caucasian; 29 years old; 5’6” tall; 180 lbs; has brown hair and hazel eyes; baby’s gender currently unknown; Medi-Cal qualified. Husband fully supports adoption planning.


Brenda – is 8 months pregnant, 20 years old, 5’6”, 220 lbs, Caucasian, Medi-Cal qualified. Birth father is 26 years old, Caucasian, 6’5”, 185 lbs, athletic; agrees 100% with adoption planning. Birth parents are choosing adoption because they currently are homeless, not financially stable and lack family support.


Mollie – Mollie is 19 years old; Caucasian; has red hair and green eyes; 5’1” tall and 134 lbs; no alcohol or drugs; smoked cigarettes before she knew she was pregnant; is receiving prenatal care; Blue Shield insurance coverage; baby’s gender unknown.


Angie – Angie is 20 years old; Caucasian; is attractive; has brown hair and blue eyes; 5’3” tall and 130 lbs; may have Blackfoot and/or Cherokee ancestry; no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes; is Medi-Cal eligible; baby’s gender unknown.


Renee – is 18 years old; Caucasian; college student; has family support for adoption plan. Birth father, 19 years old, also is Caucasian; agrees with adoption plan.


Tori – is 26 years old; Caucasian; attractive; articulate; 5’7″; Medi-Cal eligible; baby’s gender unknown; pre-natal vitamins but no pre-natal care, to date; no drugs — self-reported; is prepared to place with traditional or non-traditional adopting family.


Alice – is Caucasian, a 19-year-old Sacramento birth mom who wants a local adopting family to adopt her baby.


Linda is Caucasian, 36 years old, 5’8″, 165 lbs, auburn hair, brown eyes, no drugs, 5 or 6 cigarettes/day; has consumed alcohol; baby boy. Linda is Medi-Cal eligible.


Jodie is Caucasian; 24 years old; 5’9″ tall; 225 lbs; brown hair and brown eyes. Medi-Cal eligible. Jodie’s pregnancy is the result of a rape. Jodie wasn’t able to see who attacked her but states the birth father is Caucasian. Jodie is currently parenting a 2-year-old son. She has decided to do an adoption for two reasons: (1) the “circumstances of conception” may make it difficult for her to parent this child; and (2) if she keeps this baby, it will put a strain on her ability to take care of her son.